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Doctor Who - Lost Dimension Part 3 out soon!

My advance copies of this just turned up in the post - part 3 of this year's special DOCTOR WHO crossover event from Titan Comics, as authored by me and an incredible artist called Mariano Laclaustra with art assists from Carlos Cabrera and colours by Hernán Cabrera. It's all part of a huge universe-threatening story conceived by Andrew James, Cavan Scott, George Mann and yours truly. 

Check out an interview with the latter two gents and me here.

Just to whet your appetite, I'm going to let you know that there's a guest appearance in this issue from an old enemy of the Doctor's - one I've always really wanted to write for. And, as powerful as these creatures are, even they are helpless in the face of the threat the Doctor encounters in this story... 

This is Cover A by Tazio Bettin and Luis Guerrero, but look out for Will Brooks' fab Cover B also!

- Nick

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor #3.9 is on sale Wednesday September 13th 2017!

Here's a handy reading guide to The Lost Dimension.

Nick Abadzis