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Did I mention I have a new YA/all-ages graphic novel out, co-authored with the truly amazing artist, Jerel Dye? If you haven't bitten yet, and need further convincing, Pigs Might Fly got an in-depth review on and rather fine it is too. 

I'd add that, just because the book is generally recommended for a certain age group, don't be put off. If you're an older reader who hasn't yet gone for Pigs Might Fly because you think it might be "just kid's stuff," let me reassure you that, while it might indeed satisfy that description, there's always more to one of my tales. I like to tell stories for people of all ages and to that end, I always write with a great many themes in mind - that's how you build layers into a story; a sense of depth. The best children's fiction is universal, which is why you remember the stories you loved as a kid for the rest of your life. So, please, if you've read my other work and enjoyed it (or even if you haven't), do give this one a try too. 

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