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Some LAIKA News

There’s a new Brazilian edition of LAIKA, out now. The reaction to the book has been great (I keep getting little flags on Instagram – thanks to all readers for those). Hey, it’s always lovely when something you made years ago reaches a new audience. Although LAIKA is some ten years distant to me in terms of a past project, it has an ongoing life of its own, and it remains my signature piece. When I wrote and drew this book, we were fifty years from the world it sought to depict, and I thought maybe we, as a species, had evolved a little since that time. matured, just a tiny bit. Now, nearly sixty years on from the flight of Sputnik II, I'm not so sure, but maybe that makes the story of this little cosmodog ever more relevant. If we can't even be kind to each other, what hope has a dog got?

Here’s a blog post by Rodrigo Casarin about the Brazilian edition, in Portuguese and via Google translate, in English.

LAIKA is published in Brazil by Barracuda Press. You can buy It here.

- Nick

Nick Abadzis