Nick Abadzis


The entire series, originally serialised in Deadline Magazine, collected in one single volume


Nick Abadzis’ first magnum opus, originally serialised in the pages of legendary UK comics and music magazine Deadline, tells the rites-of-passage story of a boy who perceives himself as a stickman. Life experiences take Hugo from London to New York and then across the USA, during which time, he evolves… 


Praise for Hugo Tate

Brilliance complete at long last… this thing of beauty and wonder… Hugo Tate is that rarity. I beseech you, seek it out. A masterpiece.
— Forbidden Planet
A beautifully crafted piece of story-telling… Quite a story to tell for a little stick man.
— Louder Than War
A gut-punch of a book… a lovely and sad reflection on family, loss and connection… This work stands fully on its own as a journal of the artist’s own development as well as his character’s.
— High-Low Comics
…A fascinating window to the rapid growth in alt-comics’ ambition… seminal
— The Comics Reporter
Abadzis somehow collates everyday social experiences and downfalls into a body of work that transcends genre and culminates in a mind-bending road trip that perfectly depicts the aimless growing-pains of a generation… When Abadzis relocated to America the UK lost one of our most insightful and honest comic creators, an artist whose work should be cited as an influence by generations to come
— Starburst Magazine