Nick Abadzis


A Weekly Song: Episode 14 - Shannon


Shannon - Let The Music Play

I’ve been trying to think of some insightful words that describe how much I love this 80s dance pop classic by Shannon, but I can’t, so I’ll just leave it here and ramble a bit. Here’s the history of the song.

In London, in the early eighties post-punk school playground, you professed a liking for anything dance-oriented at risk of severe vilification and remorseless piss-taking from peers and enemies alike. Fresh off the boat from living in Europe, I didn’t know you weren’t allowed to like different types of music. I can remember being reviled by my friends for liking stuff like this, but history proved I was just ahead of my time (and yes, I’m looking at you, Caspar). [Don’t worry, dear reader, he and I are still extremely good friends.]

This track is seminal – no, it really is. I mean, it really does exemplify that overused word. This is the beginning of electro, freestyle, Mantronik, Joyce Sims, etc. (We’ll talk about Kraftwerk and Donna Summer another time). Here’s a terrific 12” mix.

Stray comments: If you weren’t there I can’t help you but if you don’t like this you’re probably boring. Sorry if I accidentally insulted anyone, but man, I really had to stand up for this track when I was a kid. My wife also loves this. It’s still a fantastic dance floor filler. Give Me Tonight and Sweet Somebody off the same album are also wonderful. I have a vinyl copy that sounds incredible, especially if I turn up my sub-woofer.