Nick Abadzis

(with Jerel Dye)

A steampunk tale of high adventure on the grand Pigdom Plains.


All the sensible hogfolk in the Pigdom Plains know that if pigs were meant to fly, they’d have been born with wings but there’s no convincing Lily Leanchops. The daughter of renowned inventor Hercules Fatchops, Lily has watched her father’s flying machines fail time and time again. Working in secret, Lily is trying to build what her father couldn’t: an aircraft that actually works. And of course, she’s following his example and employing scientific principles alone, not magic. (Well, a protection spell or two doesn’t count, does it?)

Lily’s secret project takes on a new sense of urgency when a mysterious enemy emerges from beyond the mountains. The Warthogs are coming, and they’re piloting flying machines powered by dangerous magic spells. To save the Pigdom Plains, Lily must take to the skies in her own experimental aircraft and there’s no time for a test run…

YA/all ages

Spring selection (extraordinary reading experiences), Junior Library Guild, 2017