Nick Abadzis

Doctor Who Volume 5 - Arena of Fear

Collecting Year 2 issues #6 – 10 featuring the stories Arena of Fear, The Wishing Well Witch and Running Through Corridors plus the Free Comic Book Day tale Lady of the Blue Box

The best of Titan Comics’ slate of Doctor Who comics.
— Giant Freakin’ Robot
As in the book’s first year, the scripts by Nick Abadzis continue to amaze and delight. Abadzis’ greatest gift as a writer remains a prodigious imagination. In the opening pages of this issue, Abadzis throws out several complex concepts in his development of the world of Wupatki - any one of which could be the basis for one whole episode of the television series!
— My Geeky Geeky Ways
As always, Abadzis delivers well-rounded characters that connect with the audience, regardless of species.
— Big Comic page
…The story is absolutely terrific, with tensions running high between the town and the witch, as well as old friends Gabby and Cindy. The art is exciting and original throughout.
— David Tennant News