Nick Abadzis

Doctor Who Volume 4 - The Endless Song

Collecting Year 2 issues #1 – 5 featuring the stories The Singer Not the Song, The Magic Sketchbook and Medicine Man.

Nick Abadzis’ choice to use Gabby’s sketchbook as a framing device for the story of the hunt for the book is pure brilliance… a wonderfully written, creative and engaging storyline.
— David Tennant Forum
As in the book’s first year, the scripts by Nick Abadzis continue to amaze and delight. Abadzis’ greatest gift as a writer remains a prodigious imagination. In the opening pages of this issue, Abadzis throws out several complex concepts in his development of the world of Wupatki - any one of which could be the basis for one whole episode of the television series!
— My Geeky Geeky Ways
Nick’s grasp of the Tenth Doctor is utterly uncanny.
— Reading With a Flight Ring