Nick Abadzis


Deadline's 30th


If you’re looking for something from me about Deadline’s 30th, this is it.

The mag meant something different for every person who read it and contributed to it. It was much more than a simple comics ‘n’ music yoof rag. It caught and reflected the zeitgeist, and that wasn’t because of one, single contributor or editor. Whatever face the mag presented to the world, it was Steve and Brett’s vision that began and propelled it, their inclusive bonhomie that prevented it from ever being just one voice. Their successors Dave Elliott, Si Spencer and Frank Wynne all crafted different and original iterations of the mag, but somehow they all largely adhered to that original blueprint and offered more offbeat comics creators a regular newsstand forum not really seen in British comics before or since.

Apart from Steve and Brett themselves, in the intervening years we’ve lost both Andy Roberts and Ed Bagwell AKA Perryman AKA Anonyman who were also regular contributors. They, and everyone who was ever published in those pages, should all be celebrated.

I think I said all I’m ever going to say in any detail when I wrote an obit for my friend Steve Dillon, which if you want to read, you’ll find here.

Nick Abadzis