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Hi. I have a new book out today, created with my friend, good fellow and colleague Jerel Dye. I drew the words, he wrote the pictures. Together, we made what we hope will be, for you, dear potential reader, a whole new world.

This world has lived in my head for, ooh, about twenty years when I first wrote a treatment for a publisher about a flying pig in a bid to interest them in the idea that comics were a thing and were soon to become a bigger thing.

Turns out I was right, but it took a little longer to get this particular story off the ground. Stories always find their ways into the world through some form of passionate expression, resolute determination and the right collaborators. In a way, they choose their own time to properly unfold and become real, and finally, this one is tangible. It is a real book, substantial, not a pretend thing or a collection of ideas in my head. A lot of joy and hard work went into making it, and I hope you’ll take the time to check it out.

I was really lucky to find Jerel – I must extend thanks to Shelli Paroline who recommended we work together – it was a perfect fit. Thanks also to Mark Siegel and everyone at First Second, who work hard to put out tremendous books, for all their support and belief in us. You all rock.

If you’ve read any of my previous all-ages work, whether it be Laika, Doctor Who or, way back, Mr Pleebus, I’ll just promise you that the same love that went into those stories went into this one too, and then some. It feels amazing to say that our book is out now. Indeed, Pigs Might Fly… I know that they do. 

Happy Hogdaze, all.

Nick Abadzis


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Nick Abadzis