Nick Abadzis


Doctor Who - the Tenth Doctor THE COMPLETE YEAR ONE out Nov. 21

On November 21 2017, this rather sumptuous, oversized and complete collection of Year 1 of the Tenth Doctor comics is published by Titan, sporting a lovely new cover by Alice X Zhang. The first story introduces companions Gabby Gonzalez and Cindy Wu, natives of Sunset Park, Brooklyn New York - a glimpse of some of those pages here. I'm very proud of the work Elena Casagrande and I did creating those characters and continuing the Tenth Doctor's story.

Doctor Who - The Tenth Doctor THE COMPLETE YEAR ONE is available at all good comic and bookstores on November 21 2017. There's also a companion volume collecting the Eleventh Doctor comics from the same publisher. More info from Publisher's Weekly here

Nick Abadzis